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So my mom and I are sitting and she’s grading my homework. Well, all of a sudden she asks if I think there is a website called Basket Case. I’m […]

Cake Vote!!!

My brother can’t choose a cake. So we need you all to help him! Vote in the comments! Vote by Sept. 2, please. When all is done, I’ll post a […]

Chao are so cute! Ok, so I have eight Chao in one of my dark gardens. (I have two memory cards, so two dark gardens). I have cared for each […]

Ok, so I really enjoy playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.  One of my favorite things to do in the game is raise Chao.  I have many Chao, but one made […]

Today is the day that we celebrate when the Avatar was NOT boiled in oil!  Go!  Spread the word!  Eat some raw cookie dough and cosplay to your heart’s content.  […]