Flame Rose

Konichiwa! I’m a Fangirl and author. I love the Sonic Series. Also, I enjoy, Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, Reading, Splatoon, Crafting, Art, and many other things. Crush 40 is my all time fave band. Fall out boy is good too.

The Ink Ops Files, Zones 1-3 have been unlocked for you viewing! The Ink Ops Files are the records of many of the Squidbeak Splatoon’s dangerous missions. Read them to […]

Alright! Fangirl empire has (obviously) undergone some changes! This is now the official site of Splatoon; Backstage! Splatoon Backstage is an in-progress fan fiction, written by me (Flame Rose) and […]

So my mom and I are sitting and she’s grading my homework. Well, all of a sudden she asks if I think there is a website called Basket Case. I’m […]

My Splatoon Characters

Splat and Cirrina. What do you think? Amphi’s here too. Splat again. Kapal and Entero Cirrina too. Calisto… Argo Here’s amphi again. This next character is not mine. It is […]

Cake Vote!!!

My brother can’t choose a cake. So we need you all to help him! Vote in the comments! Vote by Sept. 2, please. When all is done, I’ll post a […]