The Ink Ops Files, Zones 1-3 have been unlocked for you viewing! The Ink Ops Files are the records of many of the Squidbeak Splatoon’s dangerous missions. Read them to […]

My Splatoon Characters

Splat and Cirrina. What do you think? Amphi’s here too. Splat again. Kapal and Entero Cirrina too. Calisto… Argo Here’s amphi again. This next character is not mine. It is […]

Go team Marie!  We won the final splatfest!  Booyakasha! Take that Callie! What a win!  We won by 20 points.  Plus, we were both the most popular and had the […]

The final Splatfest is here!  Enjoy it my fellow Octolings, er… Inklings.  Good luck to all. I, personally, am on Team Marie.  I’ll be playing hard and playing to win!  […]

Nintendo, I’m writing this post directly to you. Seriously?  What on Mobius is wrong with you?  Why get rid of the one thing that Squidkids like to do most?  That’s […]