Alright! Fangirl empire has (obviously) undergone some changes! This is now the official site of Splatoon; Backstage! Splatoon Backstage is an in-progress fan fiction, written by me (Flame Rose) and […]

Chao are so cute! Ok, so I have eight Chao in one of my dark gardens. (I have two memory cards, so two dark gardens). I have cared for each […]

Go team Marie!  We won the final splatfest!  Booyakasha! Take that Callie! What a win!  We won by 20 points.  Plus, we were both the most popular and had the […]

Happy Birthday Espio the Chamelion!!!    Ok, Espio’s birthday was yesterday… so I’m a day late.  Sorry.  He is 36 years old.  Espio was born March 6, 1986.    Go […]

Yo!  Thank you all for the comments!  I really get exited when I see people have left me comments. Thanks! TTYL

Hello!  A lot has happened on Mobius!  Scourge has become active again.  Tails has trouble with his bro.  But, there is something more exciting!  A new character has appeared.  A […]

Hello! Once again I have added more.  In this section a search is made for the missing girl, someone else is lost, Cream is bad, and Sonic and Tails have […]

Yo people!  I have continued my work and wrote more.  I won’t say much, but here’s a bit of what’s coming.  In the next section a Scourge becomes active and […]