Cake Vote!!!

My brother can’t choose a cake. So we need you all to help him! Vote in the comments! Vote by Sept. 2, please. When all is done, I’ll post a […]

Go team Marie!  We won the final splatfest!  Booyakasha! Take that Callie! What a win!  We won by 20 points.  Plus, we were both the most popular and had the […]

Today is the day that we celebrate when the Avatar was NOT boiled in oil!  Go!  Spread the word!  Eat some raw cookie dough and cosplay to your heart’s content.  […]

Well, it’s new years eve.  Tomorrow will mark the start of a fresh, new year, filled with endless possibilities! Has anyone set any goals? I have. In the new year […]

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Hello and merry Christmas.  I hope you all have a great day. Well, I didn’t get anymore requests, so, SonicQueen, your picture is the only one. Here it is! Red […]