Screw the NX! We’re Getting The NS!

If you haven’t heard yet, then prepare to be amazed! Nintendo has announced it’s new system, the Nintendo Switch. If you have not already, the go watch the trailer that came out yesterday.  The link is right here. 

Now that you have seen it lets discuss the console itself and then the games. First off, we see that it can work the same way the average game system does. The game displays on the TV and a controller that works similarly to the Game Cube and Wii U Pro controllers. Noice and classic. Always good to keep tradition.

Then we see a new function. This classic style controller can come apart into three sections. Two pieces with the controlling items and one base. The controlling pieces can be attached to a mini screen and essentially become the Wii U Game Pad. Amazing.

This game pad functions as a portable device and can be taken anywhere, without limit, unlike it’s Wii U counterpart. It also has a built in stand and headphone jack.

It is also show that the control pieces do not require the Controller Base or the Mini Screen, but can function as Mini Wii remotes and Nun Chucks all on their own. These are later shown to be used in a multi player mode.

We see that there is a one piece, classic style controller for the system as well.  Also, another item, a car screen holder.

The devices are compatible with each other, most likely both over a LAN style connection and over internet.  This makes it at least two player per device. Also, we see on a one player game, eight devices can connect to make an eight player game.

That covers all I can think of the device itself, besides the game type which I will go over here. The games look remarkably similar to the DS Series style games. Small cartridges  that use a push in and out system. It looks like we’re gonna get a good variety of games. Let’s go over what we know.

First off, the long expected Breath Of The Wild.  I am a Zelda Fan and have felt the pain of waiting for this game.  We have seen much of it at E-3 and knew it would be compatible with the NX, now the NS.

Then we see a game that could be Elder Scrolls or Skyrim or… something. I am sorry. I have never played those games, so I do not know what they look like.  I cannot identify that game. Forgive me. If you know what it is, let me know in the comments.

Mario Kart 9 anyone???? Looks like we have a new Mario Kart coming! We get a glimpse of a course called Yoshi Circuit and it looks as if the double items from Mario Kart Double Dash are back! Noice!

Another Basket Ball Sports game. (Like we haven’t had enough of those.)

It appears we are FINALLY  getting another proper, 3d, Mario Game. Boomba! This game, as we see, is multi player AND maybe, just maybe, is compatible with Amiibo. The reason I think this, is there is a group of Mario themed Amiibo next to the system and Tv.

Finally, they saved the best for last. I am most excited for this game… SPLA2N. Another ink em up and may the better team win game. The squid kids are back and the have discovered pants, gloves, and tentacle styling! New weapons, new gear, new stages. All in addition to old ones in appears. I am so excited, I can barely contain the hype!

That’s all for the games. One thing of importance left…

This beautiful creation comes to us March 2017! Maybe by then I’ll have enough cash to get it, but my motorcycle must come first.  Logic before desire.

I can barely wait for march!  Until next time…


Flame Rose

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