Yay! Today is Dr. Eggman’s B-day!!!  Maybe this new year in his life will be the one where he finally beats the Blue Blur!! (I doubt it though. lolz.)  Well, […]

Today is Silver the hedgehog’s -82nd birthday! lol!  In 82 years Silver will be born.  Happy Birthday to the Time Warrior!  I hope have a great day, eat lots of […]

“I just want to spread hope, peace, and chili dogs for all!” Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom    Today is the 25th anniversary of Sonic’s Creation!  This franchise has run […]

Happy Birthday to the Guardian of the Master Emerald and Angel Island, Knuckles the Echidna!  36 years old.  Dang, Knux, you’re getting old!  LOL!  Anyway, Happy B-Day! Knuckles Birthday is […]

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hello and Happy Halloween!  Halloween is my all time fave holiday!  I love the excuse to dress up as my fave characters and not get nailed for it! 😉 This […]

New Ship!

Hey! Hey! Sonic Fandom! I came up with a new ship!  I used this in my Fanfic, and now it’s my OTP! I would like to here your opinion on […]