Dentist Visit For Tali…

Ok, guys. So, we went to the dentist yesterday. Make a note. I am one of five kids and none of us have ever had cavities up until now. So, we went to the dentist yesterday and found out that my little sister, Tali, has three major cavities. Like, she opened her mouth and showed them to dad. She is going back to the dentist today to get them fixed… One requires her to get a shot in her mouth… she is 6 years old.
Please keep her in your prayers. Our dentist is really good, but this will still be rough for Tali. Also, my dad is pretty worried about it too. Mom pointed out that this will all pass and be forgotten in a week or so… but still. Pray for my sweet sister.

Here is a video I took of her yesterday while she wasn’t looking. Heh heh. It’s hard to hear, so you’ll need to turn your sound up.

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