Smash Bros Ships

This page is for Ships involving characters in the Smash Bros series.  There are some Ships in this franchise as well.  I’ll list them by character.



Link and Zelda! 0.0 Don’t question this Ship!


Zlink.  Link the Chosen Hero and Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.  All LoZ fans know these two were meant to be.  They are from the same series and are perfect for each other.


Pink.  Link the Chosen Hero and Princess Peach.  This is kinda silly, but this is a Ship.  Peach is Princess of the Mushroom kingdom.  Maybe she has left Mario for the Hero of Hyrule.


Lamus.  Link the Chosen Hero and Samus Aron.  Samus is a bounty hunter.  She is very high tech while Link is completely midieval.  Well they say opposites attract, right?


Shink.  Link the Chosen Hero and Sheik of the Sheikah.  Sheik and Link are both LoZ characters.  Now some of you out there are gonna be like “What on Earth? Sheik is a boy right?!” Wrong! Nintendo confirmed Sheik as a girl so this Ship is good.  Spoiler Alert!   LoZ fans know that this Ship and the first are the same.  If you don’t know what I mean than… PLAY OCARINA OF TIME!!!!



I’m not sure…


Pario. Mario the Plumber and Princess Peach.  These two have been Shipped for years.  They seem to be the OTP of the Mario series.  They were made for each other.



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