Shipping Around Skyloft

There are many people in Skyloft (and the surface) and it is our job to pair them up, so lets begin.



He has a few admirers in this game, but I think his true love is clear.


Zeldink. Link the hero and Zelda, a.k.a Goddess Hylia.  During his entire journey Link is focused on rescuing his girl, Zelda.  It is no doubt that Nintendo was Shipping them when they wrote this story. They share many moments in this game.  Zelda once came close for a kiss… and pushed Link off a cliff. Nice Zeldy.


Linki. Link the Hero and Fi the Sword Spirit. Ya’ know when Fi was all like, “I think I learned to feel something. What you humans call… Happiness.”, (Not a perfect quote), I swear upon the River Styx, I thought she was gonna say love. When she didn’t I was like, “WHAAAAATTTTT?!”. Cause that would have been totally cute and I wasn’t expecting Fi to have feelings for her master.


Lintrice. Link the Hero and Peatrice the Item Check Keeper.  Peatrice just sits around, barely doing anything.  She looks up and sees she finally has a customer. She asks if he has something to drop off or if he just came to look at her. He smiles and leans over. He sets a bottle and a medallion on the counter then kisses her forehead. The guy turns and walks off, leaving her stunned.


Karink. Link the Hero and  Karane the Knight.  Karane had always loved Pipit, but know someone else has her attention.  A cute, blond haired boy in a green tunic. He was her Kohai, but that didn’t matter.  Who cares if he’s one class lower? Not her!


Orielink.  Link the Hero and Orielle.  Link dashed over to Orielle and gave her the Loftwing medicine.  He stayed and watched as she cared for her bird.  It dawned on him that she was really pretty. He’d never noticed before. A smile crossed his face as he walked over and kissed her cheek.


Kinink.  Link the Hero and Kina the pretty Face of the Lumpy Pumpkin. (Lol! That is the description in the Historia.) Link was sooo embarrassed, yet just as happy.  He was preforming with the lovely Kina.  He couldn’t believe it.  Suddenly breaking that chandelier bacame totally worth it!




I love Girahim and Fi together! (partly because I have trouble coming up with Ships for him.)


Firahim.  Girahim the Sword Spirit and Fi the Sword Spirit.  These two are so kawaii!  They are both Spirits and swords.  Girahim is Fabulous and Fi is smart.  Just picture them kissing! Omg!


Zeldahim.  Girahim the Sword Spirit and Zelda, A.k.a the Goddess Hylia. Girahim stood up weakly. his master was gone.  All of his effort had been wasted. “Hey!” He turned and saw the girl he’d worked so hard to capture.  She stood firm, with no weapon.  No hero to help her. She was alone. “It’s over, Girahim.  Your master is gone!”He looked at her sadly. Then smiled. “My master is here.” he said.  Then he transformed into a white sword with a red hilt. He placed himself in her hands. After coming out of the weapon he bowed to her. “The beautiful Goddess. You are my master.”



There will be more.