My Sister’s Wind Waker.

Hello!  This is Flame Rose and I have something new.

My little sister, Cream Rose, has been playing The Legend of Zelda; The Wind Waker HD.  I decided that I would make play journal entries for her on Miiverse.

Follow me, saria_ot, by the way, on Miiverse.

Anyway, I also decided to post her progress on my blog.  So, that is what this is!  I hope you enjoy playing Wind Waker with my sis!

Note: She is playing LOZ: WW and LOZ:WW HD at the same time.  On her Game Cube file she is farther than on the U. So everything she does on this she has done before on the NGC.


About Cream Rose.

Cream Rose is a hot headed, little girl with an attitude.  She is a huge Zelda fan and is just getting to the point where she can sorta play video games.

She has;

  • Played and beaten Dora and the Snow Princess.
  • Played and beaten Pokepark.
  • Built many things on Minecraft.
  • Played Super Smash Bros since she was tiny.
  • Played Mario Kart since she was tiny.

Cream enjoys;

  • Video Games
  • My Lil Pony
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Comics
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Food
  • Merlin