My Pokemon Nuzlocke

Hello!  Flame Rose here, and I have a new game!

It’s Pokemon Black.  Yay!!!!

So I decided that I will do a Pokemon Nuzlocke.  I’ve been wanting to do one and, now, I can.

This will be the first normal Pokemon game I’ve played.  So I will put the standard rules and my own couple rules bellow.

  • Must name all Pokemon
  • Can only catch one Pokemon per area, and it must be the first I encounter. (unless already owned)
  • Must release Pokemon if it faints.  It is dead.
  • Black out means Game Over.
  • No rest or reload if things start to go bad.
  • One healing item per battle.

So those are the rules.  I’m not doing a major Nuzlocke. I’m keeping it simple.  Also I am allowing one healing item, because I have never actually played a Pokemon game before… so… yeah.

I first heard of the Nuzlocke from PBG.  Go watch his Pokemon Alpha Saphire Hardcore Nuzlocke. It was fun.  Just be warned that there is some crude hummer in it.  Basically any episode with his Castform.  Just so you know.  The series is on YouTube.

Anywho, that’s that! I will see you later when I play Pokemon!

Until then, stay fresh!