Silver’s Parents??????

So there has been a long debate on who are Silver the Hedgehog’s mother and father. Most fans seem to have come to the agreement that Shadow is Silver’s father.  If you haven’t heard of that, let me fill you in.

Shadow the Hedgehog is the most likely candidate for Silver’s father for a few reasons.

  1.  Shadow is Immortal.  Shadow the hedgehog cannot die.  He would easily be alive when the Silvster is born.
  2. Shadow and Silver Can Both Use The Chaos Emeralds. Silver and Shadow are both very skilled when it comes to Chaos Power.  They can both use Chaos Control.  Silver can use Chronos Control.  Shadow has Chaos Spear.  Both of them can go super. You may think this doesn’t matter because Sonic can too.  But, did you notice that the first time Sonic used Chaos Control he had to use all his strength  and it drained his energy?  When Silver did it for the first time, he did it on the fly and was not weakened at all. Shadow was the only one with that kind of skill.
  3. Chest Fur.  Both of these hedgies’ chest are covered in fluff.
  4. Aging Ends. Shadow the hedgehog always has been and always will be trapped in the body of a sixteen year old.  It is commonly accepted that Silver is a midget or extremely short.  The reason this is is because of the Black Doom blood he gained from Shadow.  He, like Shadow, hit a certain age and stopped growing.  That doesn’t mean Silvy is immortal, but he will always be stuck in an eight year old’s body.  Which is why he wears healed boots.


Ok, I’ve covered a lot of ground with that, but what I really want to talk about is Silver’s other parent.  Who is Silver’s mom?

There has been a lot of debate, but I think I may have discovered the truth.  I came up with this headcanon and stick to it completely.  I want you all to tell me if I am crazy or not.  So let’s get to work.

There are a lot of shipping fights.  Some say Rouge is Silver’s mom.  Others say Amy, Sonia, or even Maria.

First of all, let’s note the birth years of Silver and Shadow.

  • Shadow was born- errr- created in 1951.
  • Silver was born in 2098.

Now Shadow the Hedgehog the video game took place 50 years after the ARK was raided.   I am unsure of how long Shadow was on the ARK until the raid, but I’m gonna say about a year.  So Shadow was 52 during that game.  It took place 2002.

When Shadow is 52 Sonic is only 15.  That isn’t as important, but look at this.

  • 2002 – 15 = 1987

Sonic was born in 1987.  So let’s see how far apart he and Silver are.

  • 2098 – 1987 = 111

Silver and Sonic are 111 years apart.  So, by the time Silver was born, Sonic would be dead.  As would Amy, Rouge, Sonia, and obviously Maria.  None of them could be Silver’s mom!

Technically one of them could still be Silver’s mother if Shadow used Chaos Regeneration over and over, but then they would all be too old to have children.  There is only one girl that I have named that could possibly be Silver’s mom.

   Maria Robotnik

   Yes, Shadow’s original girlfriend that died on the Ark.  She is really the only one unless Shadow found some unknown girl.  Here’s how.

   After all of them had died, except Shadow he could learn to use Chronos Control.  With Silver’s help they could go back in time and use Chaos Regeneration on Maria before life has fully left her (like with Sonic in 06.).  Chaos Regeneration was only meant to be used on mobiuns (sorry Cosmo.).  As a result, Maria lived, but was transformed into the hedgehog (which accounts for all the art as her as a mobiun).  Shadow takes her to his time, they marry, and Silver is born.

   So really Maria is Silver’s mom.  Unless Shadow falls for some other girl in the future….

   What do you think? Good? Bad? Crazy?

   Let me know in the comments!