Shadow the Hedgehog Game

Ok, Shadow the Hedgehog is my all time fave character ever!  I love him so much! His story is amaze and he is so cool!  I naturally like dark and mysterious characters so he was perf for me.

When I heard that there was a Shadow the Hedgehog video game I knew that I had to play it.  Most people don’t like the game, but I enjoyed it.  It cleared up quite a bit about Shadow’s past for me.

There are parts of the game I loved and a couple things that had me stumped and others that annoyed the tar out of me!

I liked the mission paths and missions.  They were interesting and each bit showed me more about my fave hedgie.

One of my favorite levels was Lethal Highway.  I loved riding the motorcycles and bringing down Black Doom’s air ship.

I did not like, however, bringing down the President’s escape pod.  It took me FOR-EV-ER.  Then I got the Shadow Rifle and can beat it in half the time.

The levels on the ARK were very hard. I had quite a bit of trouble on most of them, especially when they took place OUTSIDE the ARK.  That was hard.

My fave weapon is the Shadow Rifle.  My fave sidekick Espio.


So the game starts just after Sonic Heroes.  It opens with Shadow trying to remember bits of his past.  Then he sees the city of westopolis being invaded by strange, black monsters.  Suddenly some one calls his name and this weird creature appears and tells him that he must keep some promise, made years ago, and bring the Chaos Emeralds.

The monster leaves and Shades determines to gather the Emeralds and find the truth of his past.   He sets out on a long and confusing journey to discover his lost memories about his previous life and some girl named Maria.

Will Shadow learn the truth?


Or will it forever be a mystery?