Shadow for Smash



Ok, if you’ve read any of my stuff on Sonic, then you know how much I like Shadow.  So I was sitting around, wishing that Shadow was in Smash when this popped into my head.

Forget Hadokun. I want Shadow-kun!

So I decided to use that line to try to get the Ultimate Life Form into Smash Bros!

This section is for ideas to get Shades as a DLC.  What I want you to do is:

  1. Spread the word. Tell all you think would be interested.  Try to get Nintendo and Sega to pay attention and put Shadow in there!
  2.  Comment ideas.  Leave a comment with an idea on how to get Shades in or on what he’d be like in the game.  What attacks would he have?  What stage would come with him?  If something really stands out I will make a post and/or art for the idea.

I will update this page when I can and I will keep dates.  That way we can track how long it takes for Shadow to get in.

Remember!  Forget Hadokun! I want Shadow-kun!



Hello.  I have come up with an art for us.  Here it is!


 What do you think? Let me know in the comments!  Let’s get Shades into Smash! Ttyl!