Wind Waker. HD and Not.

The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker was my first Zelda game.  It is a great one to start out with.

Tetra is totally awesome, Aryll is adorbs, and link is sooooo kawaii!

My fave item… the hookshot or arrows.  Character? … Tetra.  Least favorite? Oh Tingle by far. He’s so stupid and expensive and crazy!

I loved the letter sort and collecting the figurines, but my all time favorite thing to do in this game is the Savage Labyrinth.  I enjoy testing my skill and going through waves of enemies.  It’s also good for getting money, training (it’s ten times more fun then fighting Orca), and testing weapons to find out what are most efficient against what.  At the end you are rewarded with a wonderful treasure. Hd’s and normal’s treasure are different, but are both still available in the game. the way you get them are just switched.

I have learned some tricks to fighting enemies, which I will gladly share.

Wizrobes = Fire Arrows

Redeads = Light arrows or bombs. It takes one Light Arrow.  It takes three bombs and you cant throw them all at once.

Deku Baba Plants = Boomarang

Bubbles = Arrows.

Floor Masters = 3 Fire Arrows

Kargarocks = Arrows

Tingle = I’m sorry.  You’re stuck with him.


There are some funny things I remember from playing this when I was little.

Tod, the dancer who teaches you the song to turn day to night and night to day, was always known as the Dancing Idiot.

Miniblins were called Dedettes.

The farting pig on Windfall was hilarious.

When seagulls followed my brother when he was on the boat they became his Seagull Minions.

It was the Dragon Boat not the King of Red Lions.

Tingle.  Just Tingle. A.KA. Moron.


The game opens with a little girl, looking for her brother.  She finds him, sleeping (of course. Link you lazy kid), and reminds him that it’s his birthday and informs him that his grandma (I call her Gram Gram) wants him.  After a visit to Gram Gram, and getting a new outfit, he goes back to his sister.

Using a telescope that she lends him, Link witnesses a ship attacking a giant bird.  In the bird’s talon is a girl.  The bird is hit and the girl falls into a forest on the island.  Link goes and finds her.

Upon exiting the forest with the pirate girl, Tetra, Links sees his sister taken by the giant bird.  There is nothing he can do and watches helplessly while dangling from a cliff. (Link… Baka!)

He then joins the pirates and goes to find his sister.  His first attempt fails and he teams up with a mysterious talking boat. This boat is apparently the King of Red Lions. The KoRL warns Link of Gannon.

Link goes with the KoRL and starts his quest to save the world, save his sis, and learn the truth about Tetra.