Twilight Princess

Twilight is one of my favorites.  I don’t think I’ve actually beaten it yet, but there is a reason.

When I started playing, like REALLY playing, I wanted to beat it. I got pretty far.  I got to the sky place.  The home of the Ooccah. Well, then we got the Wii U.  We took the Wii over to my grandma’s house. So my file is over there and I’m not going to beat TP for a while. 🙁

Anyway I really like this game.  I have always loved wolves so this one is perfect for me.  Midna is my absolute fave TP character.  My fave item is probably the double claw shot.

One thing that I have mixed feelings about in this game are the Cuckoos.  Everyone knows that when you attack them you are supposed to run for your life then die in a field of white feathers.  You aren’t supposed to turn into the bird.  Don’t get me wrong, I love not dying by chicken, but it’s one of those things that was special to the series and they changed.  Idk, maybe I’m just weird.


So the game focuses on a teenage, ranch hand, named Link.  He lives in his treehouse just outside Ordon Village.  After a run in with a monkey he is pulled into a mysterious black wall.  He is transformed into a beast and taken captive.

He wakes in a dungeon.  He has been turned into a wolf. A strange imp helps him escape and meet the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.  He is told that Zant is spreading Twilight everywhere and must be stopped.

Link and the imp, who’s name is Midna, team up to stop Zant and restore the land of Hyrule.  Unkown to them, another force is at work.  An evil stronger than that of Zant.

Link must be brave and save his friends, the Pincess, Hyrule, the Twili, and… Ilia.