Skyward Sword

Ah, Skyward Sword.  This game was quite satisfying.  It was the first in the series with one-to-one motion controls and they worked quite well.  Although, PBG is right.  Nintendo missed on a lot of ideas here.  Fortunately Mr. Butter Gamer covered them.

Here is a link to his channel;

I strongly suggest you check it out.  He does a lot of good stuff and his “Hacking Skyward Sword” video is hilarious.

NOW! Back on track.

Skyward Sword was an amazing game.  The characters were done very well.  Zelda was one of the best.  I cared so much about getting her back and the love between them was so cute.

Fi was quite irritating, I must say.  I do like her, but I wish she would stop telling me by battery is low and that I took damage. I think I can figure that one out on my own, thanks.

Girahim is probably my favorite character in the game.  Don’t ask me why.  I just think  he’s cute and… FABULOUS!

Characters that I hated or despised were Scrapper and Groose.  They were just so annoying.

Groose was ok once he met Impa, but I still didn’t like him that much.

Scrapper… there are not words.  I… I… Morgana describes it best,

“I want to put his head on a spike and watch as the crows feast on his eyes.”

Morgana Pendragon

Yep, that’s basically how I feel.  Watch out Scrapper!  One wrong move and you’ll feel the fury of Master Short Pants!

My favorite item is the bug… thing… machine… you know what I’m talking about.

I love the thunder dragon’s boss challenge.  I hate all Spirit Realms.  With a passion.

The game opens with a girl playing a heart.  She sends a letter to a boy.  The boy is asleep and is woken by the delivery of this letter.  He goes and meets the girl.  She helps him with practice and some Loftwing race troubles then… pushes him off a cliff… again… yeah.  Latter the two go on a flight.  A black tornado hits and knocks the girl, Zelda, down to the surface.  Once the boy, Link, obtains a sword that is possessed by a strange spirit called Fi, he follows Zelda and starts his quest to find her.