Fandoms, Fandoms, and more Fandoms

This is for all my fandms! There are quite a few that I’m in.  Sonic, Zelda,  Star Wars, and more!

website pic 2My top Fandom is probably the Legend of Zelda or Sonic the     Hedgehog. website pic 4

website pic 5  I have loved the legend of Zelda for years! It probably started when my bro got a Game Cube and The Legend of Zelda; The Wind Waker for his birth day.

As for Sonic, I have no idea where I heard of it or when I got into it, I’m just glad I did! My fave character in that series Shadow the Hedgehog.  website pic 1

Star Wars. Dad got us into Star Wars. We love it! It’s so cool!

Beyblade is amaze! I can’t decide on my favorite Blader! Tsubasa, Keyoya, Ryuga, Zeo… I could go on for a while.

I love Pokemon! Blaziken is the best! I also like Lucario, Greninja, Absol, and more!

Having a Fandom is like having a family that understands you no matter how crazy you are!

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