Sonic FanArt

Here is a variety of Sonic themed art!  Hope you like it!


This is me!

flame rose

I am Flame Rose.  My parents are Scourge and Fiona.  When I was little there was a chaos accident.  When my brother and I woke our fur had turned black and red.  Idk why it happened.

This one I created specially for my Shadow Story.

   shado story 125

   I know it’s a bit blurry and hard to see, but this is one of my first edits.

   Egghead Explodes


   I made this one sometime near the end of June 2015. I made it for a contest I was doing with my friends, and I won! ^.^

   Silvaze Kiss!


   This one was also for a contest. I ship these two so much!  Love them!

   Sonic and Shadow

  Sonic and Shadow

   I did this for a contest and I don’t like it that much… I’ve certainly done better… what do you all think?

    Knuckles With a Burger

   Knuckles eating a burger

   I will never forget making this one. I was out of town, visiting relatives.  I made it while I was there, because the contest was gonna end soon.  It was fun!

   Explosive Excitement


   Before this I had never drawn Bean the Duck.  I know very little about him, but drawing this was fun.

   Tikal the Echidna


   I think this was the first one I’ve ever done on my Kindle.  It’s not the best because my drawing app is crudy.  =P


Zespio the Zone Cop


   I really like the Zone Cops.  They are totally awesome!  Zespio is probably my second fave… Zhadow is my fave.


   Gerudo Rouge

   Gerudo Rouge

   This is Rouge in a Gerudian outfit.  For those of you who don’t know, the Gerudo are a tribe that constantly appears in The Legend of Zelda. They are always depicted as thieves and were pirates once.  In one of my FanFics a group of Mobiuns end up scattered across Hyrule.  Rouge and Wave both land in Gerudo Fortress, where they join the tribe until they can regroup with the others.

   Chibi Tails

tails chibi

   I really wanted to do something Chibi style, so I decided to make Tails a puffball.

   Darkspine Sonic


   I beat this game and really like Darkspine.  I was so exited when we had to draw him for a contest.

   Mephilies the Dark

Mephilies the Dark

   This one, I actually did over one of my pictures of Shadow… but it’s still cute!



   This has got to be one of the worst pics of Cosmo ever.

   E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega

   I made this while I was out of town too.  I really like the way it turned out!

   Amy’s Manic Outfit

amy rose manic style

   Ok, I love Manamy!  It is one of my absolute favorites!  They… are… just… so… PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!  *Fangirl noises

   Happy Birthday Shadow

       website pic 1               website pic 1                 Shades

   Shadow turned 64 this year.  So, I did the pixelated, tiny one, then I enlarged it and made the birthday one, then I did the smoother one over it, then I did Mephilies over that….   yeah….

   Ras and Nicole Clothes Swap!

ras and nicole clothes swap

   Ras the Cat is one of my many FanCharacters.  She has an adopted brother, Riff the Hedgehog, and a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog.  I will add her story at some point…

   Scourge, “… Really?”

scourge h

   I wonder what Sonic did to make Scourge be like, “Are serious?”

   Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table


   I had to do this for a contest.  He is my favorite of the knights… in Black Knight that is… in Merlin… well that’s another story…

   Riff and Ras


   These are my first designs for Riff and Ras.  These two are adopted siblings.  After their parents were killed in a fire, they ran away and lived in the forest together.  Riff was only seven when this happened.  Ras was five.  Riff took on the task of caring for the girl and finding a cure for her mysterious disease.

   Happy Easter All, Happy Birthday Silver!

Silver and Easter

   So, this year, Silver’s Birthday landed on Easter and I made something for him.  Also, I got him some use. Lol!  The one in my notebook was better.

   Happy Birthday Cream!


   When it was Cream’s birthday I made this to celebrate!

   Princess Blaze, the Burning, Psychic, Electric Cat

blaze the electric psychic fire cat

   Please note! This was done over someone else’s picture!  Blaze was mostly done by someone else.  I don’t know who, though…. I’m sorry.

   Happy Sweet 16, Blaze!

   happy sweet 16 blaze!

   I made this for Blaze’s 16th birthday.  She got kisses from both Silver and Tabby! 😉

   Riff the Hedgehog


   This was done over a picture of Shadow.  This was not mine, originally!  This is Riff the Hedgehog.  He is the adopted brother of Ras.  He will do literally anything for her… even if it makes him a wanted criminal.

   Ras the Cat


   This picture was drawn over one of Blaze.  Not an original work.  This is Ras.  She is the adopted sister of Riff.  She suffers from a disease that threatens her life.  She is skilled in EX Racing.  After spending time with him, she seems to have developed a crush… on Shadow the Hedgehog.

   Espio’s Grandaughter, Espia


   This was done over Espio.  I did not draw this from scratch.  This is Espio and Nicole’s grandchild, Espia.  She lives in abandoned Knothole and is a good friend to Shadow.

   Gardivior as Mobiun

   Gardevoir Mobiun

   This was done over a pick of Blaze.  This is Gardivior, the Pokemon, if she had been transformed into a Mobiun.  I am using this design in my story “Poke-Mobius”.

   Treeko as Mobiun

Treecko Mobiun

   This was done over Espio.   This is what Treeko would look like if he appeared as a Mobiun.  This, too, I am using in a story.

    Chaos Emerald

website pic 3

   This is a Chaos Emerald.  If you are in this Fandom and don’t know what this is, you have problems.

   Classic Sonic

   website pic 2

   I did a pixelated Classic!

   Shiekah Blaze

   sheikah blaze

   In my Sonic and Zelda crossover, Blaze gains a Shiekah outfit from Shiek.  This is what it looks like.

   I promise to add more later!  TTYL.