The Squire. A.K.A. Mr. Treelawney.

We were required to read Treasure Island.  It was really good.  So the Expression for that was to write a synopsis of a character.  Here is what I wrote.


Exceptionally tall, medium build, and dark hair, like the wonderful, mysterious color of midnight. That’s how the Squire would look at a glance. Look a little closer and you would tell that he is also not precisely handsome, but definitely appealing to those with the right mind to see it.

You would tell, just by glimpsing his face, that an anger hides just under his skin, prepared to lash out in an instant. It will only attack if it feels threatened itself, though. Be careful of this.

Finally, look into his eyes, if you ever get the chance. You can see that some wisdom lies within them. You can tell that these eyes have witnessed many things during his various journeys

Once you do meet him, you may like to get more acquainted him. Know in advance that his tongue can be quite loose at times. Tell him few secrets. He may not keep them. On the other hand, he can be quite trustworthy at times. Use caution when confiding in this man.

He has struck me as a loyal companion to have. He will not turn his back on his ally and will protect his friends. He is no double crosser. In fact he looks down on the thing.

Adventure appeals to him, greatly. He will readily agree to any type of travel or prospect of excitement. If it is dangerous, he doesn’t mind too much, just as long his companions are safe. He is quite skilled with a gun and more than ready to defend himself with it. He is even more prepared to protect his allies and willing to put his own life in danger if it means they are safe.

He possessess a valiant heart.
Honor is important to him and disgrace is severely despised. He detests thing that will tarnish his honor or tear apart his pride.

Over all he is quite a charming person and enjoyable to know. If you ever get the chance to meet him, you should. It would be exciting. Also, I feel that you could learn much from listening to his tales and stories, describing his many exciting adventures.

Flame Rose