My Response To Robin Hood


OK, instructions say I need to write a response paper to something I’ve read so far. Why not Robin Hood? It was good. It was full of feels. Where to start?

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. The whole idea of a group of outlaws chilling out in the forest with bows and arrows is awesome! That is totally the kind of stuff I’d write.

My favorite character is probably… Much. I like his attitude, sass, and personality. He reminds me of one of my all time fave characters from another series. Much was cool and loyal to his friends. He really had most of the traits that I look for in a friend, So I could identify with him and really feel him. Next!

I really liked how loyal Robin was to his friends. How he wanted to protect them no matter what that meant. He was also willing to do anything to help someone in need. He refused to abandon the group or do things to put them into danger. That is a trait I value highly. To me, loyalty is priceless.

Marian was strong. I wish I could be like her. Her ability to stand up for herself, not back down, her bravery, and her secret keeping skill. All of that. It all just amazes me. Yes, the girl had problems and she wasn’t perfect, but she was skilled. I wish I could have those skills. The first three because I’d like to make my house proud. Bravery is what it’s about. The fourth, purely for my own use. When I wish to secret something, I wish to do it well. Anyone can understand that.

As to the writing style, it was brilliant. I loved every moment of the story. It just kept me begging for more, on the edge of my seat, and anxious to know if all my beloved “friends” were safe. That’s one way you can know that it was well written. It was so good that I can consider the characters, to an extent, “my friends”. They were so fleshed out. They were so real that they were real. They still are, for me.

Over all, this book was amazing. I don’t know how to rank it amongst my favorites, but it is definitely way up there. Robin Hood has given me a lot of inspiration for future writings. Like, how about modern Robin Hood? You know, kids with Nerf Guns. There is just so much one can take away from such a good story. I am truly glad that it was assigned to us this year.