Dear Silica

So, we read the Screwtape Letters for school.  We were then required to write a letter, but from an angel to another.  This is what I came up with.


Beloved Silica,

What you told me in your last letter did bring on quite a bit of thought and I can see how you might be confused. However, I have dealt with this before and know how to deal with it well. So allow me to give my advice.

Teenage girls have been more and more prone to this lately. It is strange, yet understandable in a way. In a world like theirs, where men are kidnapping and murdering girls, I can see how they would wish to find a man who can in no way do those things to them.

The girls like the one you are dealing with take the option closest to them and the one they enjoy most. She has chosen one from an anime.

I have studied the one you say she has taken to and noted a few things. First off, I want to reassure you that this character will not hold her affections for long. Second, based on what you have told me about her type, her affections will be transferred to another character who comes in episode 15 of season 3. Three, there is a way to break off this fictional “crush”.

The way to do it is quite simple. You have told me about her thoughts. We both know that she would leave both these anime men in an instant if she saw our Lord On High. Yet, it is still a good idea to direct her affections away from fiction and back to reality.

You have seen, surely, the boy that Quill has been assigned to? Well, I have spoken to Quill and the boy is in the right position and also he has long been attracted to your girl. The two are very similar in taste and his personality is easily compatible with hers. The process will be slow, but beneficial. I will tell you how to proceed step by step throughout my letters as you complete each step.

The first step will be to help her to notice him. This will be easy, seeing as her brother and the boy are close companions. Do your best to do this. Quill will help you where he can. Once this has been accomplished, notify me and I will give you the next step.

Be warned, Silica. The enemy will always be trying to rope her in towards those who are not good for her. You must guard her carefully so that she does not fall into the wrong hands, weather they be Spiritual, Mortal, of Fictional. Care for her. You shall succeed.

Your Dear Friend,

Aurora Light.