A Surprise Upon Return

So, my mom ticked me off right before I wrote this one.  We were required to write a descriptive scene, sort of.  I think.  The instructions weren’t very clear.   Anyway, I wanted to wait so that I could think and plan this.  Mom doesn’t get that.  She made me start it before I could plan. So, I wrote this for her to grade.  Have fun trying to sleep mother! Love you! ^.^


It was quiet and still. Night had fallen. The moon showed brightly, like a lamp. However, it’s light could not have reached the home that was hidden beneath the forest, tucked away, underground. Out of site. Hidden to all but the few who lived there.

This place was large. It was a labyrinth of tunnels and corridors. All these had been turned into a home, fit to live in. The four who lived there had found it quite comfortable, despite it’s downfalls.

One of the four had just returned to this place, after her last mission. She had headed down the halls and passages. The girl had passed dark rooms of stone, looking for her family. After a long time of searching, she had come to a room and stopped.

The room was made of stone blocks, stacked and cemented together, like all the others. This stone was a dull, boring gray. It looked more like a prison cell rather than a dining room. Like a cell, it was dark and cold.

The furniture was simple. A table and four chairs. All made of plain, oak wood. They were the kind you would expect to find in a dungeon. Not fancy, not pretty. Just made well enough to be sufficient and do their job.

This room would appear to be useless like all the others if it weren’t for the blood that stained all and the three lifeless bodies on the floor.

The dark, sticky substance lay puddled on the stone. Gray walls were smeared with red. The oaken table and the four oak chairs all bore the stains that could never be removed. Nothing was left untouched by the liquid. Not one thing clean.

Three bodies. Each slashed and torn. They were as cold and pale as snow. Death had taken them in a most gruesome, frightening, and unexpected way. Still etched on their faces were their last expressions, marked with pain and terror.

The girl stared at the her mauled and murdered family. Her eyes were wide with fear. Her face pale. She was so shocked and terrified that she failed to notice something. The most important thing in the room.

In the corner, cloaked in black and making no sound was a man. Blood marks were on the hem of his garments. In his hand, he held the knife he had used to torcher and kill his first three victims and planed to use on his fourth.

Flame Rose H.