Chao - Super Kawaii!!!

Chao are so cute! Ok, so I have eight Chao in one of my dark gardens. (I have two memory cards, so two dark gardens). I have cared for each […]

Ok, so I really enjoy playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.  One of my favorite things to do in the game is raise Chao.  I have many Chao, but one made […]

Go team Marie!  We won the final splatfest!  Booyakasha! Take that Callie! What a win!  We won by 20 points.  Plus, we were both the most popular and had the […]

The final Splatfest is here!  Enjoy it my fellow Octolings, er… Inklings.  Good luck to all. I, personally, am on Team Marie.  I’ll be playing hard and playing to win!  […]

Nintendo, I’m writing this post directly to you. Seriously?  What on Mobius is wrong with you?  Why get rid of the one thing that Squidkids like to do most?  That’s […]

Today is the day that we celebrate when the Avatar was NOT boiled in oil!  Go!  Spread the word!  Eat some raw cookie dough and cosplay to your heart’s content.  […]

Yay! Today is Dr. Eggman’s B-day!!!  Maybe this new year in his life will be the one where he finally beats the Blue Blur!! (I doubt it though. lolz.)  Well, […]

New YouTube!

Guess what!  I got a YouTube channel! Yay!!! Check me out.  I’m Flame Rose.  I don’t have any videos up yet, but I plan to add some soon.  Fair warning, […]