Part 92

 Tabby left soon after the Rogues. He kissed Blaze goodbye, fist bumped Manic, and waved to the others. “Thanks for the adventure guys! Oh! Shadow! Don’t forget! You said you’d visit my world!”

“Yeah, yeah! When I can! Later Tabby!”

“Later! Good luck! Blaze! If Fiona and Scourge come back let me know. Silver, Blaze is mine! Bye guys!”

“Bye!” Tabby stepped though the portal and was gone. Shadow turned to Amy.

“I gotta go home.” he explained, “First I wanted to give these to you.”

“These are Maria’s skates!” she cried.

“Yep. You should have them. Keep practicing.”

“I will… Thanks Shadow.” Amy smiled.

“I gotta go.”

“See you later then!”

“Later.” Shadow set off into the forest.

He headed to his cabin. When he got there he went inside and looked around. His bag was packed and ready. He had hidden his motorcycle in his city hideout where no one but Blaze could find it. His notes for the others were on the table.

It was time to go.

Shadow slung his bag over his shoulder then went outside. Memories of the past few months and Maria came flooding back to him. He wondered when he would be back. He knew he would be. It doesn’t matter now. Now he was off to the mountains. He wanted to be away for a while.

This was who he was. A loner with a sad past.

He began to walk. A twig snapped behind him. Shadow turned and saw Sonic.

They stared at each other then Sonic said, “Sayonara, Shadow the hedgehog.” and ran off. Shadow realized something. He wasn’t really alone. He did have friends even if they seemed like rivals.

“Sayonara, Sonic.” Shadow turned and disappeared into the thick of the trees.


Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Special thanks to Kori Robinson! Thanks for letting me use the Tabster! You’re a great friend! Thanks for all the support! This has been a blast to write! Please comment and tell me what you think! Again I thank you! ^.^