Part 91

Later that evening Sonic and Jet came up to Sally.

“Sall, it’s almost time for us Rogues to hit the road.” Jet said.

“What?!” gasped Sally.

“But there’s something we have to settle first.” Sonic stated.

“Right. It took us forever to figure out how to do this.”

“I suggested he become a Freedom Fighter.”

“But I can’t do that to the Rogues.” Jet shook his head.

“So we came up with two choices.”

“It took a lot of effort to get Wave and Storm to agree to this. Here are the choices.”

“Choice number one!” Sonic said, “You can stay at Knothole and remain a Freedom Fighter with me!”

“Choice number two,” grinned Jet, “You can come with me.”

Sally stared at him in disbelief, tears in her eyes. “Come… with you?” she asked quietly. Jet nodded this time.

“You can leave Knothole and the Freedom Fighters and join us on our airship.” Jet told her, “You can become a Rogue. We’ll teach you all about Extreme Gear racing and Treasure hunting.”

“B- become a Rogue? Really? I can?”


“Y- you can’t just become a Freedom Fighter?” she inquired.

“No… Wave.. and Storm… they would kill me.”

“So Sall, which one?” Sonic asked, “Freedom Fighter or Babylon Rogue?”

Sally shut her eyes. She looked like there was a war going on inside her. Finally she opened her eyes again and looked at the two boys. After a moment she answered.

“I would love to join you, but… I’m sorry Jet, I can’t abandon Knothole. I have to continue the fight against Robotnick. People are counting on me. I can’t leave the cause. No matter how much I suffer or may wish to at times.”

Jet did not reply. The air around them was mixed with Jet’s sadness and Sonic’s sense of triumph.

“I understand.” Jet said sadly, “Well… we Rogues had better get out of here.” He turned to go.

“Wait!” She grabbed his wrist, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. He hesitated a moment then turned quickly and kissed her. Then he ran off and left with his team. “Bye Jet…” Sally whispered. Sonic put an arm around her.

“Thanks for sticking with me Sall.” She said nothing. She didn’t want to say anything. For the next three days she would say nothing, because she had to relearn how much Sonic loved her and had to grow to trust him again the way she had trusted Jet.