Part 79

Silver and Tabby, thinking Blaze had fallen asleep, started a conversation. Blaze heard every word.

“What do you think Fiona and Scourge are doing now?” Silver asked.

“Probably wondering what hit them.” Tabby replied.

“Yeah. Blaze was awesome wasn’t she.”

“Totally! How can she not be awesome?!” smiled the bobcat.

“Fair question… So what do we do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she can’t have both of us.” Silver frowned.

“Oh. I guess you get her.” answered Tabby, sullenly.

“Why do you say that? She really likes you!”

“Yeah, but the only way I’ll be with her is if she moves to Nimbo or if I move to Mobius.” Tabby Sighed, “I don’t know if I can abandon my home. I need to help repair the damage that the Geodusks did.”

“Well, in that case we’re even cause eventually I will have to go back to my time and then she would have to agree to come with me.”

“I’m not gonna give up trying to get her though.”

“Neither am I.” Silver grinned and Tabby smiled.

“We were born rivals even though we didn’t know it!” the cat laughed.

“True that!” agreed the time traveler.

“Well, let’s get some sleep.”

“Night, Dunderhead.”

“Night, Midget.” Blaze heard Silver kick Tabby then they settled down to sleep. Blaze fell into a restless sleep and had dreams of moving to Nimbo and going through time.

The next morning they set out for Knothole. They came to Shadow’s cabin by accident. Blaze decided to see if there was someone there. She knocked on the door and heard a groan.

“What?! It’s too early!”

“Well if you don’t want to be bothered then don’t trap us underground!” There was shuffling and then the door opened.

“Blaze! Tabby, Silv-…” Shadow stopped and looked questioningly at Silver.

“Don’t laugh. Don’t mention this to anyone.” Silver glared.

“I’m not going to laugh. I’m just gonna ask Blaze how she convinced Tabby to carry you and how she convinced you to let him.”

“She didn’t convince us.” Tabby frowned.

“She forced us.”

“Wow. Anyway how did you guys get out?” Shadow asked as he adjusted his glove.

“Well, I used Silver’s powers and-“

80- Suddenly Shadow made a swift movement there was a click and a small flash.

“You. Did. Not.” Tabby said slowly.

“Oh, I did.” the hedgehog smirked.

“Blaze did the same thing.”

“Let me see yours.” he requested. She took out her phone and showed him the picture. He showed the one he just took.

“This is just too awesome.”

“I agree. There I sent it to Jet, Knuckles, and Sonic.”

“And I sent mine to Amy, Sally, and Rouge.” Tabby and Silver stared at them.

“Put me down.” Tabby did so and Silver went up to Shadow. He began to kick him.

“Wow, this is so pathetic.” Shadow grinned and looked down at Silver. Shadow picked him up.

“Hey, let go!”

“Make me, Shorty.”

“Come inside.” Shadow let them in and dragged Silver behind him.

“So, I guess you’re moving back into your cabin.” Blaze assumed.

“Actually, I’m not quite yet. I only stayed the night here in case Sonic showed up.”

“Sonic?” the cat asked in surprise

“Yeah. Last night something happened with Jet, Sonic, and Sally.” Shadow told her, “As soon as Sally was out of the tunnel she ran for Knothole. Sonic went after her at super speed. I think, in his weakened state, that he lost his way and collapsed somewhere in the woods.”

“Oh no!” Blaze exclaimed.

“Hey, can I ask a question?”

“What is it Tabby?”

“Um, what do you mean ‘something happened with Jet, Sonic, and Sally’?”

“I was wondering the same thing.” Silver told them.

“Oh, while you guys were locked up Jet began going out with Sally.” explained Shadow.


“You’re joking! Why would she do that?!”

“Jet was really sweet to her. He sort of took Sonic’s place while you were away. Like I took Manic’s.”

“You mean you and Amy are a thing now?” Tabby asked.


“What about the whole Tails and Cream thing?” was the bobcat’s next question.

“Tails and Cream have been sneaking out of their homes every night for the past month and a half and going extreme gear riding.” Shadow stated.