Part 78

When they got there someone else had reached it before them. Fiona and Scourge were digging furiously.

“Hey!” Blaze called loudly. The two whipped around.

“Hmm, looks like little fire princess and her sidekicks got stuck down here too!” Scourge sneered. Blaze held up a hand in front of Tabby.

“You, two begin digging out. I’ll deal with them.”

“Oooh. You think you can challenge us? Both of us? Scourge let me handle her. Keep trying to get us out.”

“You sure, Babe?”

“Yeah.” Tabby did what Blaze had told him and Scourge did what Fiona wanted. Tabby and Scourge began to half dig and half fight.

Blaze and Fiona were staring each other down.

“You really think you can beat me?” Fiona asked.

“I know I can beat you.”

“Ha! With your tiny flames? Please! Woah!” Blaze shot a streak of fire at Fiona, “That all you got?! My turn!” Fiona pulled out a knife and charged. Suddenly she stopped. She couldn’t move.

“You’re going to have to do better to beat my other powers!” An ark of lightning hit Fiona square in the chest.

“Wh- what?! How?”

“Yeah! That’s my princess!” Tabby cried.

“Fiona!” Scourge rushed to her side.

“She’s strong.”

“Why I- “

“It’s no use you two.” Silver called, “Even with your power combined you could never beat Princess Blaze the Burning Electrical Psychic Cat! Just give it up!”

“Grrr! Never!”

“Ok, you asked for it.”

“What?!” Tabby, who had snuck up behind them, hit them both in the head with a heavy rock.


“Gah!” They fell unconscious.

“Well, that worked.” Tabby grinned.

“Ok, let’s get out of here.” Blaze used the telekinesis. She shifted the rock.

“What do we do with them?” Tabby asked when the way was clear.

“Let’s put them in here! We can leave this box of food with them and come get them tomorrow!” Silver said.

Blaze and Tabby shrugged then began to move Scourge and Fiona. After putting the box in with them and locking the door the three left.

It was late. The moon gave enough light to check the map and find their way. When they came to the forest it was near midnight. They decided to stop and camp. Blaze started a fire and they lay down to sleep.