Part 77

“Tabby, Silver, and Blaze aren’t here.”

“What?!” The three cried.

“Rouge! Stop the-“

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was too late. The bombs went off. They could here the distant explosions.

“Knuckles! Did you bring the-“

“I forgot them in the rush.”

“Sh- Shadow, are they stuck down there forever?” the little bunny was crying.

“No, Cream! We’ll get them out! Trust me.”

“How long will it take?”

“That, I don’t know.”

“I’m scared.”

“Don’t be.”

“We’ll get them out Cream.” Shadow said more confidently than he felt.

Deep in the tunnel Blaze, Tabby, and Silver heard the explosions. Blaze stopped and her heart sank.

“Oh no. Guys,” she turned to look at them, “we have a problem.”


“What was that boom?” Tabby inquired. Blaze’s face was pale.

“Shadow and the others just blew up the exits. We’re trapped.”


“Wh- what now?”

“I- I don’t know. Let’s take a break and think over our options.” They sat down on the stone floor.

“Did they blow up all the exits?” Tabby asked.

“That was the plan…”


“Hey, guys!” Silver said, “I have an idea! We should be close to one of the exits, I recognize this area. We should go and I can use my powers to shift the rubble!”

“Not bad, Shorty. Only one thing,”

“What’s that Blaze?”

“I’ll use the powers and shift the rubble.”

“Can I at least have my boots?”

“Nope! Come on. The map says it’s this way.” Tabby picked Silver up again and they made their way to the door.