Part 76

Shadow picked him up and began to head to the entrance. He was almost there when he nearly crashed into someone.

“Sally! Woah! Huh? You ok?”

“F- fine.” She ran off. Shadow glanced down the path she had come from. In a moment Sonic, supported by Jet came.

“Sally! Hold up!”


“What’s up guys?” Shadow asked.

“We’re having girl problems.”

“Get ready Shades. You and Manic are next.” Jet warned.

“Figured as much.”

“Oh! Shadow!” Sonic said, finally realizing that they hadn’t seen each other for two months. “Good to see you! You got your cast off, finally?”

“Yep! Uh you two had better catch up to Sally. She went that way.” Shadow pointed down a path.


“Oh! By the way, have you seen Scourge?” asked the Blue Blur, “I’d really like to kick him!”

“I had him pinned. I was holding a knife and a gun and he escaped.”

“How on Mobius?!”

“Come on!” They all started down the tunnel again. Then they made it out. Shadow looked over everyone there. “I think this is everyone! Knuckles, did you set the detonators?”

“Yep! I got the north entrance and Rouge got the one in the east. Let’s finish this!”

“Scourge and Fiona have had plenty of time to get out. If they are still in there, they will probably find something that will help them escape.”

“Can I set it off?”

“Go ahead, Rouge.” She hit the button and it began counting down from ten.

“Shadow.” Cream looked as if she were in a daze.


“I just realized something.”

“What’s that?”