Part 75

Suddenly she whipped around with something in her hands. There was a small flash and a click. She turned around again and began to giggle.
“Really?! Now?!”
“Delete it! Please!”
“No way! This is just to precious, even if you both are covered in blood. I’ll probably never get this chance again!”
“This is the worst moment of my life!” Silver cried and banged his fists on Tabby’s head.
“Ow! Hey, cut it out Half-stack!” They kept going.
A couple paths away from them were Sally, Jet, and Sonic.
“Sonic! Sonic, wake up!” Sally screamed. Jet laid his ear on Sonic’s chest.
“Don’t worry Sally, he’s breathing. Come on, let’s get him out of here.”
“You’re right. We need to go.” They lifted Sonic and began to leave. As they went Sonic began to stir. They stopped and he opened his eyes.
“Wha- where am I?” he moaned.
“On your way out of here!”
“S- Sall? It that you?”
“Yeah! Yeah, it’s me!”
“Jet? You here too?”
“I figured I’d lend my girl a hand.” Sally stiffened.
“Wait. Hold up! YOUR girl?” Sonic suddenly had more energy, “Who are you talking about? Sally is mine!”
“Boys! This is not the time!” There were tears in Sally’s eyes when she said this. “Let’s go!”
“Ok, but first.” Sonic kissed Sally. When they broke apart he said, “You’re beautiful, you know that?”
“Grrr! BACK OF BLUE!!!” Jet yelled and pushed Sonic back.
“Gahh! Why I oughta!”
“Stop it please!!!” Sally cried, “I can’t take it!” Quickly she stood and ran down the passage, leaving them sitting and staring after her.
During all this Scourge still hadn’t moved. Shadow was almost in top of him with the knife.
“You’d better get smart in the next two seconds or I’ll do it.”
“Y- you don’t scare me!”
“Really?” Shadow asked skeptically, “Well then you may want to see what else I brought.” Shadow reached down into his emerald pouch and pulled out a gun. Scourge gulped. “Scared now? You have one more chance.” Scourge backed up against a wall, “There’s nowhere to go.”
“So says you!”
“What?!” The wall behind Scourge opened and Scourge ran. It shut again before Shadow could follow, “Dang it! Little sneak!” Shadow then turned his attention to Espio who had fallen unconscious. Shadow bent over the ninja. “Espio? Espio can you hear me? … guess not.”