Part 74

“Hey, Can I have my gem back?” Tabby requested.
“If we run into trouble you’ll be to week to fight.”
“Hold on… why are you so tall?”
“It’s these boots. They belong to Silver.”
“Why are you wearing them?”
“They give me his psychic powers. Here we are.” They had reached Silver’s prison, “Stand back!” She knocked it down with a burst of flames.
“Only one person can produce that much fire!” Said someone inside, “Which means that Blaze has come to save me!” Grinning Blaze went in.
“Hey Silv- uh…” She stopped short.
“Don’t make fun of me and don’t tell Tabby.”
“Don’t tell me what?” Tabby asked, popping his head inside the cell.
“What the? Hahaha! You’re so tiny!” Tabby cried. Blaze also began to giggle.
“Please stop!”
“I’m sorry Silver. It’s just, you’re probably the most adorable little thing I’ve ever seen!” She hugged him then unlocked his chains. When Silver stood he was half the size of Tabby. He matched up with Tails.
“Blaze, why do you have my boots?”
“I found them. Come on!” They ran out of the room and down the hall.
“Wait up!” Silver called, “Little legs here! No good for speed!”
“Oh!” Blaze stopped and got an idea. She picked up Silver then shoved him in Tabby’s arms. “Carry him!”
“What?!” the two cried in unison.
“I don’t want to carry him!”
“And I don’t want him to carry me! I want you to carry me!”
“Too bad boys! We have to move fast and I have to protect you two.”
“But. But. But.”
“Now come on!” Tabby groaned and put Silver on his shoulders.
“This is so embarrassing!” Silver muttered.
“It is for both of us!” They followed Blaze.