Part 73

“Chaos Spear!” Shadow screamed. Scourge was knocked to the ground and the knife flew from his hand.
“Shades!” Espio cried in relief.
“How did you get in here?!” asked Scourge as he stood.
“The same way you got into my garage.” Shadow growled.
“But Fiona blew that up!”
“Well, lucky for us, you let Knuckles escape with his shovel claws.”
“Anyway, your base is full of Freedom Fighters.”
“Y- You’re joking!”gasped the green hedgehog.
“Nope! My companions are freeing your prisoners and escorting them out as we speak.”
“Now surrender or I’ll do to you what you did to Espio.”
“You- you wouldn’t.” Scourge gasped. Shadow detected a hint of fear in his voice and eyes. “It’s not like you.”
“Oh yeah?” Shadow picked up the knife, “Try me. It’s your choice. Surrender or suffer.”
At the other side of the base Blaze was searching a room. “Blaze!”
“Yes, Amy?”
“I’ve got Mani- kun and I’m getting him out. Will you be ok?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine! I’m about to find Silver!”
“Ok.” Amy went off with Manic limping beside her. Blaze turned back to the box she was searching. She pulled out a pair of boots and a pair of gloves that she recognized. “These are Silver’s.” She knew of their enhancement power, “I wonder…” She took of her own boots and gloves and put on Silver’s. The boots made her a little taller than when she wore her high heels. “Why does Silver need heels?!”
She glanced around the room and her eyes fell upon a small stone. She stretched her hand out towards it and focused. A cyan aurora appeared and the stone began to float. Grinning to herself she left the room. She ran down a passage then came to a door.
“This one’s Tabby. I’ll get him first.” She blasted down the door her fire.
“Gahhh!!! What on Nimbo is happening?!” She stepped inside and saw Tabby, chained and bleeding.
“Tabby!” She ran over and hugged him.
“B- Blaze?! What? Why are you here?!”
“I’m delivering pizza.” she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes, “To rescue you, of course!” She then pulled out a ring of keys that she had found and unlocked the chains. Tabby stood and embraced Blaze.
“No problem.” she said, softly.
“Shall we get out of this place then?”
“Actually we have to get Silver first.”
“Do we have to?” the bobcat groned.
“Yes!” she laughed, “Come on!” He followed her.