Part 72

“Uhh, Cream, you have to stay here.”
“I do?”
“Um, yeah!”
“But I want to help.”
“Why don’t you stay in the cabin and help the ones who get hurt?”
“Ok…” Shadow passed out maps to those who would be going in the tunnel.
“We need to free everyone. Each x represents a captive. Also we need to find Espio. Alright, Knuckles. Can you get us in?” For an answer the echidna began digging rapidly. He dug a tunnel straight through the debris.
“Ok! We’re in!”
“Let’s go!” Everyone climbed through the passage. Shadow ended up next to Amy. “What’s that?” He asked. She was wearing a strange necklace.
“Manic’s Medallion. Sally’s got Sonic’s.”
“Oh.” They came to the first split in the path. Amy and Shadow stopped, others just dashed ahead. Amy turned to Shadow.
“Well, Manic is this way. I’ll catch you later!” She kissed him on the cheek and ran off down the right path.
“Shadow!” Blaze ran up to him, “Can I see your map? I dropped mine.” He handed it over, “Thanks!” She ran after Amy. Shadow decided to go left. That was near where Espio had been kept.
He ran down a random mash of tunnels. Then he heard something. He followed the sound, which he recognized as voices. He came to a turn.
Peering around the corner he saw Scourge and Espio. He took in everything at a quick glance. Espio was cut, bruised, and bleeding. Scourge was holding a sharp knife. On the floor, amongst drops of blood, was the communicator.
“There is no way I’ll tell you how to get to Angel Island. You can’t have the Master Emerald!”
“You’ll tell me now!”
“Never!” There was a swish and Espio cried out in pain.
“This is your last chance.”
“Then you’ll have to kill me. Because I’m a ninja and I will never betray my friends.”
“Grrr. Fine! If that’s what you want!”