Part 71

Knuckles promised to contact the Chaotix before he went to sleep. In a couple days everyone knew that Knuckles had returned. The Chaotix arrived along with it’s former members. Plans were made to attack Scourge. Espio sent maps with the locations of the prisoners to them over the communicator.
Besides the fact that Knuckles escaped Scourge there were other rumors flying about. By now it was common knowledge that Amy and Shadow were dating. It was also said that Jet and Sally were going out.
Most surprising, though, was that at night sparks and light flashes could be seen coming from Blaze’s backyard. Recently Sonia had been watching over the cat to make sure she didn’t try anything. Blaze was no longer thinking of suicide, but she spent most of her time coming up with ways to rescue Tabby and Silver.
The flashes at night came from her. She practiced fighting with lighting. She learned to combine the electricity and fire powers. She practiced at night and slept during the day.
“I will save them.” She thought, “I have to!” More days passed. Eventually they were ready.
“All we have to do is set a date and tell Espio.” Shadow said.
“Well, we’re in luck cause he’s calling us now.” Knuckles told them. Espio popped up on the screen.
“Guys!” Espio cried before Knuckles could say anything, “Scourge knows I’m hiding around his base! I have to-”
“Have to what?” A sinister voice asked. Espio gasped. They heard a bang and the communicator fell to the stone floor.
“Espio! What’s going on?!”
“Ung!” They heard Espio collapse and Scourge’s horrible laugh then the screen went black, “Espio!” Knuckles stared at the others in the room.
“We have to go now.” Shadow said.
“Right!” They rushed out of the building to gather the others.
“Shadow!” He turned to see Blaze.
“Blaze?! What’s up?”
“I want to come with you!”
“What?! You can’t come!”
“I have to!”
“No! It’s to dangerous!”
“You want dangerous?! I’ll show you dangerous!” She shot electricity and fire.
“Woah!” Shadow jumped back in surprise.
“I’ll be going with you whether you like it or not.”
“Fine! We’re leaving now!” he consented after a moment.
“Now?! Like right now?!”
“Yes! Get to my forest cabin if you want to come.” She ran off. Shadow made sure he had all the emeralds with him. “They may come in handy.” He thought then dashed to his old home. At the forest he saw that a lot of the girls had come.