Part 70

“Wh- where am I?”
“In Shadow’s cabin. Don’t talk now.”
“Is Scourge?”
“We haven’t seen him.” Knuckles sighed in relief. Then he pulled out a device.
“I gotta… tell Espio… that I made it.”
“Huh?” It a second Espio appeared on the screen.
“Knuckles, you ok?”
“A bit weak, but I’m safe.”
“You made it then?”
“Espio?! Is that you?!” Amy cried.
“Hey, you guys!”
“How are things on your end?” Knuckles asked.
“All good here. Scourge hasn’t found out I’m gone yet, like he ever will.”
“A- are the others there?!” Sally asked hopefully.
“No. I haven’t found them yet. Oh no! I hear Scourge coming! Gotta go!” The screen went blank.
“Knuckles, mind explaining things a little?” Jet asked.
“I will, but right now, I would like something to eat. Scourge hasn’t been feeding us properly.”
“I can tell!”
“I should still have some food here in the cabin. Here’s a can of soup that’s still good.”
“Thanks Shades.” Shadow began fixing the canned soup. Knuckles ate it happily. “I see you got your cast off.”
“Oh, yeah. Yesterday, actually.”
“What on Mobius was that?!”
“It sounded like it came from the shed. Jet, come with me.” Shadow and Jet went around back. Carefully, Shadow opened the shed door. “See anything?”
“No. Everything looks normal.” They went inside.
“Where is that coming from?!”
“I don’t know…”
“Is this motorcycle yours?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah.”
“Hey, over here!”
“What is it?” He looked at the spot. The floor was moving. “It looks like… a trap door!”
“Then this is it. This is the entrance.”
“It must be.” Shadow knelt down next to it and motioned for Jet to do the same. “Shhh. Listen.” A voice could be heard below the door.
“Stupid! It jammed again!”
“Should we open it?”
“Let’s.” They grabbed two concealed handles and, with a giant heave, wrenched the door open.
They looked down and saw Fiona. The Fox gasped. Shadow tried to grab her. Fiona dodged him and ran down the tunnel.