Part 69

“Now, get out of here!” Knuckles ran off. He heard yelling somewhere behind him. He followed the directions Espio had given him.
“Right, left, straight, left ,right, right, left, straight, straight, left, and out!” Knuckles grabbed the extreme gear next to the door then broke out. Fresh, cool air hit his face, but he didn’t stop. He hopped on the board and rode off. He listened to Scourge’s screams as he escaped. Soon the voice died away. Knuckles rode for a good part of the day. Finally he located a forest and a rock.
“I guess this is the way Silver came.” He kept going. The sun was setting as he reached familiar territory. He came to the forest clearing. “Almost there! Almost there. Almost there… Ungh.”
Knuckles collapsed while riding the board. He was so tied and so hungry. He could here something. Someone. He recognized her voice.
“Oh my word! Guy come quick! Knuckles has escaped from Scourge!” He heard more shouting and hurried footsteps. The girl had come over to him.
“Rouge…” He blacked out. “We have to get him out of here!”
“Calm down Rouge. Let’s take him to my cabin. Stop crying!”
“I can’t! Look at him! Wh- what if he doesn’t come around? What if he…”
“He won’t! He’ll be fine! Come on.”
“Here Shades.”
“Thanks Jet.”
“Don’t worry Rouge. He’ll be fine.”
“Someone open the door for us!”
“I got it!”
“Thanks Tails.”
“Let’s lay him on the cot.”
“Don’t cry, Rouge.”
“I- I’m s- sorry. I- it’s just… look what Scourge did to him!”
“I know. We’ll get back at him somehow.”
“Guys! Mr. Knuckles is waking up!”
“Knuckles?” Knuckles’ eyes fluttered open.
“R- Rouge? Is that you?”
“Yeah, yeah it’s me.”