Part 68

Shadow and Amy woke up the next morning. Shadow looked around then realized he had fallen asleep on Amy’s couch.
“Shadow?” Amy mumbled behind him.
“I don’t think a Lord of the Rings marathon an midnight was a good idea.”
“I don’t think so either.” He yawned.
“It was fun though.”
“I can’t argue that.” After a moment Shadow stood and stretched, “Um, Amy, it’s ten in the morning and we’re supposed to be at the forest at eleven.”
“What?!” She cried and sat bolt upright.
“Look, I’m gonna go home and get some stuff. Then I’ll grab us some breakfast and come back and get you. If we’re gonna be late we may as well be late together.”
” I’ll be as fast as I can!”
“See you in a few!”
“See ya’!” He ran off. When he reached his place Jet was coming out. Jet had been sharing the house with Shadow.
“Where on Mobius have you been?!”
“It’s a long story. No time now!” He darted past the bird and into the bedroom. He quickly hung up his coat. He changed his socks and gloves.
“Shadow- Woah!”
“Can’t talk at the moment! Gotta go get Amy!”
“Wah?” Shadow ran out of the house. He went and got some food at a fast food restaurant then went straight to Amy’s house.
“Amy are you ready? We’ve got, like, ten minutes!”
“Yeah! I’m coming! Hey! The hover shoes are still here! Can I-?”
“Yeah! It’ll make us faster!” She appeared wearing the blue shoes, “Here.” He handed her and breakfast burger.
“Thanks! Let’s go!” They left quickly. They hurried to the forest’s edge.
“Where have you two been?!” Wave cried when they arrived.
“Sorry! We – uh – lost track of the time.” Shadow said as he glanced at his watch.
“Don’t freak out!” Jet grinned, “It was their first date. At least their here.”
“H- How did you know that?!” Amy gasped.
“What else would it be?”
“I don’t know…”
“Forget it guys!” Tails cut in, “Let’s just get searching!”
“I wonder if we’ll find it today!”
“I hope so.” They began looking around.
As this search began so did Knuckles and Espio’s escape plan.
“You got the communicator I gave you?”
“Right here Espio.”
“And you know the way out?”
“I remember the directions you gave me.”
“All right. Break the chains.”
“Right. Now, bust that door.”