Part 67

Shades, right now, was skating up to Amy’s house. She came out holding a basket of food. He skated over and scooped her up.
“Oh! Huh! Shades! Hee hee! I see you got your cast off!”
“Yep!” He carried her out of Knothole and to the hill. Darkness was falling. The moon shone brightly.
“I brought some blankets. It’s a bit cold.”
“Yeah.” They ate, talked, and laughed that evening.
“Hee hee! This is great! We should do this more often!” Shadow nodded.
“Hey, Amy.”
“There’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“Oh. I had a feeling we’d get around to this. It’s about Manic, right.” Shadow nodded again.
“I… I just needed to ask you this. Wh- who are you with? Me or Manic?” Amy gazed at the dark sky.
“I don’t know. I’m just so confused. Everything that’s been going on. I don’t know what to think.”
“I understand. I had the same feeling the night I kissed you.”
“That was a while ago.”
“Yeah, last year. Then everything else became more confusing for me.”
“How so, Shadow?”
“Well… let’s just say if you want me you’d better watch out. Someone else has the same idea.”
“Huh?! Who?!”
“Manic’s sister. Don’t tell anyone I told you that. Only Sonic knows.”
“S- Sonia?! Sh- she wants you?!”
“Unfortunately, yes.” Shadow sighed.
“You don’t.”
“Not really.”
“Well, that makes me feel a little better…”
“But I am still as confused as you are about how I should feel…”
“Why is love so complicated?”
“I wish I knew.” They were quiet a moment, “Amy, follow me.”
“Huh? Ok.” They stood, gathered their stuff, and then Shadow led Amy towards the forest.
He led her to his cabin. They went in and Shadow reached under his cot. He pulled out a pair of slightly dusty hover shoes. Amy smiled as he held them out. She put them on and they went to the clearing. They skated, hand in hand, for hours.
“Amy, let’s forget about Manic and Sonia for now.”
“Let’s do.” He twirled her and they ended in they way they had so many nights ago. “Shadow… after its all over… Will you stay in Knothole?” He looked at her.
“I… I am as confused on that as I am with love.” She looked sad as he said this. He lifted her chin. He smiled and bent down. His lips touched hers. She pulled back in surprise. “S- sorry!” Shadow mumbled.
“Shadow.” Suddenly she stood on tip toe and kissed him.