Part 66

They went happily to the forest. They searched the area surrounding Shadow’s cabin.
“So what did we find?” Tails asked at the end of the search.
“We found ten bottle caps, five pennies, six pieces of scrap metal, and a whole load of nothing.” Jet told him.
“Well this was disappointing.” Mighty sighed.
“We can’t give up. We’ll try again tomorrow.” Shadow was determined to locate the entrance.
Mighty and Ray hung around in Knothole for a week then took Charmy with them to angel island. The weeks passed. Blaze and Sally were finally let out of the hospital, but Blaze was watched to be sure she wouldn’t try anything. Sally refused to talk, but could be seen walking around knothole with Jet.
Amy and a couple others had joined the search for the trap door. Shadow steadily saw more of Amy. They grew closer. Shadow was worried about what Manic would do when he found out. One night Amy and Shadow sat together in his living room.
“I’m excited about tomorrow.”
“Yeah! Want to join me on a picnic tomorrow evening?” She asked. He looked at her smiling face.
“Sure! How about the hill overlooking egg city?”
The next day Shadow went to the hospital. He came out smiling. He ran around freely.
“Wow! I forgot how much I loved to run!”
“Shadow!” He turned to see Jet and Sally, “You got your cast off!”
“Yep! It feels good!”
“I bet it does!”
“That’s great Shadow!” The boys stared.
“S- Sall!” The squirrel smiled, “Y- you’re talking again?!” She nodded.
“I- I just needed to find someone that I knew I could talk to…” she looked shyly at Jet, who smiled.
“I’m glad you’re talking.” They walked off.
“Well So far are this day is great!” Shadow thought, “Got my cast off, Sally started talking, and I’ve got a date with Amy! The only thing that could make this day better is all of the others breaking free!” He decided to go home, get his skates, and ride around for a while.
At Scourge’s base Espio had done just what Shadow wished. He slipped out of his cell and followed Scourge. He was led straight to another cell.
“Why won’t you leave the chains alone?!”
“Because I can break them and aggravate you.” Espio went into this cell and waited for Scourge to leave it. As soon as the door was locked Knuckles pulled hard on both chains and they snapped. Knuckles rubbed his wrists and made to sit down. Suddenly he heard a ‘chink’ behind him and whipped around. A throwing star had been lodged in the wall. “What?!”
“Hey friend.”
“Espio! How on Mobius did you get in here?!” For an answer Espio disappeared, “Should of known.”
“I’ve got a plan. Think you can bust that door?”
“No sweat!”
“Not now!”
“Look. I’m getting you out of here so that you can get the others at Knothole.”
“What about you?”
“I’m gonna chill here for a time and scout out this base. Tomorrow, you’ll be back in safe hands and we’ll be a step closer to freeing everyone!”
“Save your strength. Oh, you’ll need these.” Espio held out a pair of spiked mittens in one hand and some metal gauntlets in the other.
“My gloves! The shovel claws! Where did you get these?!”
“I picked them up on the way over here. Don’t lose them.” Knuckles hid them under a loose stone.
“Scourge won’t find them there.”
“Good, because I think I here him coming. I’m gonna slip out and locate some food for us.” Espio vanished as Scourge unlocked the door. “Soon, Knuckles will be back in Knothole.” Espio thought as he wandered around. “Hopefully, then, he and Shadow will be able to get us out of here. I wonder what Shades is doing right now…”