Part 65

Tails went and got two more extreme gear rides and the group set out. They found her playing outside.
“Hey, Cream!”
“Tails!” They hugged each other then Cream hugged Shadow.
“Hey, Wiggle But! How you doin’?”
“Better now that I’m away from Scourge! Only, I’m worried about the others!”
“That’s partly why we’re here. First, though, we need Charmy.”
“Yeah, we have friends of his that want to see him.” Shadow motioned to Mighty and Ray.
“Oh! I’ll get him!” She disappeared inside her house. She came back with the bee. As soon as they caught sight of him Mighty and Ray smothered Charmy.
“Ch- Charmy!”
“Wah! I- I can’t breathe! What on Mobius?! Huh? Hey! Mighty! Ray! Guys! When did you get here?!”
“A- an hour ago!”
“They told us what’s been happening. About Knux and Espio and the others.”
“Oh, yeah. We have no clue where they are.”
“Actually, we do!” Jet said.
“What?!” Cream and Charmy cried in unison.
“Yeah, we were going to see if you wanted to help us and find the entrance.” Tails smiled.
“Of course we’ll help!” Charmy said at once.