Part 64

“Hey, cool gadget!” Someone behind them called. They turned to see a red armadillo and a yellow flying squirrel.
“Mighty! Ray!” Tails cried.
“Yup! That’s us!” Smiled the armadillo.
“What on Mobius brings you here?!”
“Thought we’d stop by for a visit! Who are your friends?”
“Oh! This is Shadow, Jet, and Nicole.”
“Nicole? You don’t mean that little gadget of Sally’s do you?”
“Yep! That’s me!”
“W- wow!” Ray gasped.
“Guys this is Mighty and Ray. They’re former members of Team Chaotix.”
“Cool to meet you!” Mighty shook hands with them all.
“H- hi!”
“Mind if I ask what happened to your leg?”
“Oh, that. Sonic got me to do a stupid challenge and it resulted in my leg breaking.”
“Ouch! Hey, speaking of Sonic, is he around?”
“Uhh… no.”
“Oh. What about Knuckles?”
“H- Hey, yeah! We hav- haven’t seen him in a while!” Tails bit his lip and looked to the others. Shadow took a deep breath and began to explain. When he had finally finished Mighty and Ray were stunned.
“So Espio is gone and so is Knux.” Mighty frowned.
“Wh- what about the rest of our team?”
“Vector is guarding Angel Island, but Charmy is here in Knothole.” Nicole told them, “He’s staying with Cream.”
“We were actually going to go there now. You wanna come?” Jet asked.
“I- it will be good to see Ch- Charmy again!”