Part 63

Meanwhile, in the underground tunnels, Scourge was getting very irritated by his prisoners. Espio and Knuckles were the most annoying. Espio kept turning invisible and climbing on the walls. Scourge wasn’t even sure Espio was still in the cell. Knuckles broke all the chains Scourge put on him, even the electric ones. Manic wasn’t quite as bad. Scourge had taken everything from him that could be used for lock picking, but that didn’t stop him. Manic was a skilled thief and showed his skill every chance he got.
“Manic, did you just steal my wallet?” Scourge asked.
“….uh, pft! NOOOO…..”
“Hand it over, bush head!” Manic gave it back, but one time Scourge left without his glasses and came back to find Manic wearing them. The other three couldn’t do much. Occasionally Tabby got hold of Scourge’s things, but very rarely. He had never been as good as Manic, not that he wanted to be.
Scourge took away Silver’s boots and gloves. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but, for Silver, it was. His boots and gloves had enhancers. Without them Silver was powerless. He couldn’t use telekinesis. He put up a good fight to keep his boots, but for another reason. In truth he wore the healed boots to hide the fact that he was… very short.
“No! Let me keep my boots!”
“Come on! Ha! What?!” Silver went red, “Y- you’re short!”
“Yeah, so?!” Silver frowned. Scourge fought back laughter.
“You’re kidding! Bwa ha ha!”
“I can’t help it.” Scourge left carrying Silver’s things and laughing loudly.
Sonic had it worst with Scourge. Scourge had taken his anti gravity shoes so he was stuck. Sonic didn’t fight. He just let Scourge do whatever and Sonic would occasionally taunt him. He knew he had to keep his nerve and endure Scourge until he could get out.
“I gotta stay cool.” Sonic thought after a particularly brutal beating, “I just keep calm. I have to get out and see Sall.” He remembered her bloody face. “Scourge is gonna pay!”
Back in Knothole, Sally was crying for her boyfriend. She was scared of what Scourge was doing to him.
“Sonic… please be safe.” She whispered. She cried for a while then slipped into a fitful sleep. The next morning Jet came and got Nicole. He tried to persuade Sally to talk, but to no avail.
“She isn’t ready.” Nicole told him when they had left, “We just need to give her time. She’ll speak when she is ready… I hope.” Shadow joined them and they all went to Tails’ place.
“Hey guys!”
“Hey Tails!”
“What brings you three here?”
“We basically figured out where Scourge’s base is, we just need to find the entrance. To do that we need a metal detector.” Shadow explained.
“You found it?!”
“Sorta.” Nicole said and pulled up the map to show him.
“So that’s where it is. That looks right cause Silver told me he had to cross a huge plain to get back here.”
“So, can you help us out?” Jet asked.
“Yeah!” He went off, but was soon back, “Actually, I was about to go that way myself!” He handed them the device. “I was going to see how Cream was doing.”
“Oh! Why don’t you come with us then? Maybe you and Cream could help us find the entrance.”
“Cool! Hey, Shadow, I made something for you that will make it easier for you to get around the forest.”
“Huh? What’s that?”
“Hold on I’ll get it!” Once again he went off. When he came back he was holding an air ride and a red disk-like thing.
“What is that?” Jet asked. Tails threw it in front of him and it began to hover.
“Tails! Where did you get that?!” Shadow exclaimed, and stared at it.
“It’s a replica. I built it.”
“That’s cool! I thought it was genuine!”
“Mind telling me what it is?” Jet asked sarcastically.
“It’s a hover pad, used by the Black Army. We fought them on earth.”
“I see.”
“So it goes as fast as our extreme gear. You could, theoretically, ride it in a gear race and have a chance of winning.”
“The ones on earth were kinda slow.”
“I made some adjustments.” Carefully Shadow sat down on the hover pad then began to ride around.
“Thanks Tails! This is perfect!”
“No problem!”