Part 62

“I can offer some useful information.” Nicole said suddenly.
“The entrance is a concealed trap door. It has been covered for years though. No has found it in ages.”
“Well, Scourge found it.”
“What do you mean by covered?” Shadow asked.
“It is unreachable. No one can get to it because it was covered up.”
“So, in order to find it we need to dig up the forest.” Jet frowned.
“I don’t like the idea of randomly digging holes in the forest.”
“We could use a medal detector and try to locate it first.” Jet suggested.
“Good idea!”
“Let’s start tomorrow. We can get the detector from Tails.”
“OK! Nicole, thanks for the help!”
“No problem, Jet!”
“You wanna go back to Sally?” Nicole nodded and she and Jet set off. As they were going Nicole asked something of Jet.
“Hey. Can I help you guys out tomorrow?”
“You wanna go with us?!”
“Yep! You’ll probably need me anyway. I mean, I do have the only map of the underground tunnels.”
“Hmmm… you got a point there! Sure, I don’t mind if you come. You may wanna ask Sally though.” Nicole smiled.
“Really?! Thanks Jet! I’ll ask Sally, but I’m sure she won’t mind.” They came to the hospital and went to Sally’s room. Nicole asked before Jet left and Sally nodded her consent.
“Sall,” Jet started slowly, “why won’t you say anything? Won’t you talk to us?” She didn’t answer. She just lowered her eyes. Nicole and Jet looked at each other helplessly. Jet returned to Shadow’s place. “Nicole is going with us tomorrow.”
“Yeah. I’m gonna get her in the morning.”
“I’m tired! Let’s get some rest.”