Part 61

Sally and Blaze we’re kept in the hospital, but the others could all leave. Sally hadn’t said a word since Sonic left her side. She didn’t complain about anything and she hardly acknowledged anyone. The doctor found marks on Blaze around her neck.
“It looks like someone tried strangling her.” The doctor said. Jet and Shadow looked at each other knowingly. That night they sat in Shadow’s living room.
“She tried to hang herself somehow.” Shadow said.
“Looks that way. Why, though?”
“She couldn’t bear the torture. You saw what Scourge did to her.”
“Yeah… and Sally. She looked BAD.”
“She still hasn’t spoken?”
“No. What are we gonna do? I’m literally never here and I can tell things are out of wack!”
“We will need to get the others out.”
“Well, it will take a while. We should wait until everyone is feeling better, but until then we can form a plan.”
“OK, What do we do?” Jet asked. Shadow thought.
“Well, first we should find the entrance to their base, but how?”  Jet gasped, suddenly.
“I have an idea! Be right back!” He dashed off. Jet grabbed his gear and rode to the hospital. Then he went up to Sally’s room. He knocked quietly then went in. “Sall? It’s me, Jet.” She looked at him, but said nothing, “You doing OK?” She nodded. “I, um, need to ask you something. Can I borrow Nicole?” She looked surprised then turned to her bedside table. She reached over and picked up the device. Sally flipped it open and touched a button. Instantly the holograph of a lynx appeared.
“You called, Sally?” Nicole said. Sally nodded again then handed the device to Jet. “You want me to go with Jet?” Sally nodded yes.
“Thanks, Sall.” Jet smiled. He left with Nicole and headed back to Shadow.
“So what do you need me for?”
“We need you to help us find something.” Soon they arrived.
“Why do you have Nicole?” Shadow asked.
“Because, she may have a map of the old tunnels under the forest.”
“Nicole, can you pull up a diagram of the forest?”
“Of course.” In a moment there was the whole forest in front of them.
“Nice! Now, can you show us under it?” Just as fast they were looking at a network of tunnels. They all seemed to dead end except one. This one let out in the middle of the woods and went off the map.
“Nicole,” Shadow pointed to it, “can you show us where this one goes?” The map moved and followed the path. It led out of the forest and under a huge field. It came to and ended at another network of underground passageways near some mountains.
“Amazing!” Jet gasped.
“Bet that that’s the base.”
“So how do we get inside? The end here looks like you can’t enter.” Nicole had shrunken the map so that the whole passage was visible.
“Where exactly in the forest is that?”
“Looks like it’s near my cabin.”
“So, that’s where we need to start our search.”