Part 60

Sonic cried as he was pulled into the forest. He didn’t think he would ever see this place again. He didn’t think he would ever see Knothole again. He didn’t think he would ever see the others again.
“I did what I had to.” He thought, “The rest is up to you, Shadow.”
Back in the forest Shadow had been joined by three people. Jet, Storm, and Rouge. The only reason Jet hadn’t volunteered for Wave was that Sonic asked him not to. Sonic asked, not forced, Jet to hold back. He wanted Jet to live in Knothole and help.
“Jet, I know this may sound crazy,” Sonic had said, “but next to Shadow, you are the next person left who I trust. I need you to stay and help at Knothole at least until Shadow’s leg is healed.”
“But Wave!”
“Don’t worry! We’ll get her. I know we’re rivals, but we need to put that aside. I’m not going to make do this, but it would help a lot of you did.”
“… OK, Sonic. I don’t know how long we’ll stay, but we can help out at least till Shadow can walk.”
“Thanks.” So Jet held back.
“Shades! We got the Underground Van.” Jet told him.
“Great! Scourge is gone. Wave is over there.” Shadow pointed to the girl.
“Wave!” Jet rushed over to her. Compared to the others she looked great. She was still hurt, but not as bad.
“We need to get them out of the woods and to the car.” Shadow said.
“Right.” Jet turned and saw that Amy was able to help, “Can you get Cream?” Amy nodded and picked up the bunny. Storm lifted Sonia and they started to the van. Rouge followed them, carrying Bunny. Jet went to Sally. She had buried her face in her knees again. “Hey,” he said gently, “Sally. We need to go. Can you stand up?” She nodded slightly, “Come on.” He helped her to her feet. She didn’t look up at him. “Hey, why won’t you look at me?” She didn’t say anything. Jet lifted her chin a little and saw how bloody she was. Soon Storm was back with Rouge.
“Come on!” Shadow said. Storm picked up Wave. Tails and Rouge got Blaze. Jet led Sally. In a moment they were all in the car and on their way to Knothole. When they got there they went straight to the hospital.
Some of the girls were seriously hurt. They were all examined. Amy and Wave were fine besides a few cuts. Blaze and Sally, however, were horrible. Sally had been beaten by Scourge. Blaze had suffered far worse. They both had to stay at the hospital for a while. Sonia and Cream had to stay the night, but could go home in the morning. Bunny was hurt very little physically, but her robotic parts were destroyed. She was taken to Rotter for repairs.
The next morning all the girls were conscious. Amy and Wave were both walking around. Cream was feeling fine except for some cuts. Vanilla had been brought and was overjoyed to see her daughter.
“Scourge felt bad about hurting me!” Cream told them, “So he didn’t do much… He did make me watch him hurt Blaze.” Cream shuttered. Bunny was awake and could speak, but not move.