Part 59

Blaze was becoming more aware of what was happening. She looked out and saw both Silver and Tabby.
“I… need them…” she thought. She began to rise. When she was standing she put a hand on each side of the glass tank. Slowly, she lit her hands. Then she engulfed the floor in flame. The glass got hot and the tank filled with smoke. Blaze pushed on the glass with all her strength, which wasn’t much. It worked. The heat and pressure made the glass burst. The tank shattered.
“What?!” Everyone stared at the broken tank. Blaze had freed herself.
“There. N- now each tank will hold a captive. You have enough.” She dropped to her knees.
“Why you! I should have let you kill yourself!”
“Y- you are cruel.” Tabby made a dash at Scourge, but was grabbed by Sonic.
“Do we have a deal?!” The hedgehog asked, “Us for them?” Scourge debates a moment.
“Fine! Fiona!” Fiona hit a button and the tanks opened. The boys rushed forward. Sonic ran straight to Sally.
“Sall! Sall it’s me!” She looked up and Sonic gasped. Her face was covered in blood.
“Yeah! Yeah! Sall it’s OK You’re free.”
“Free?” Sonic nodded. He then scooped her up and carried her to the forest.
“Shadow will help you get home.”
“Shadow? What about you?” Sonic looked at her sadly. He kissed her and set her on the grass then ran back. Espio and Knux carried Bunny and Sonia. Tabby and Silver rushed to Blaze.
“Tabby? Silver?”
“Hey girl!” Tabby grinned, “How’s my fave princess.”
“You’re fave princess is… happy.” She kissed them both on the cheek then her strength gave out. Silver picked her up and Tabby went to get Cream. They were taken to the forest. Amy ran to Manic.
“Manic! Please don’t go!”
“I have to. Shadow is going to take care of you guys.”
“Yeah. You need to help him get the unconscious girls to Knothole. Don’t cry Ames. I’ll see you again.” Manic kissed her, put something in her hand, went and got Wave, and walked to trees . Tabby was there with Cream. Tabby set her down then went to Blaze who had fallen asleep. Tabby removed his special diamond from his chest and put it on Blaze.
“Be safe, Princess Blaze the Electric Fire Cat.” He kissed her and he and Manic left. Each volunteer was stuck in a tank. When they were all secure Fiona hit a button and the tanks and the control pad all began to hover. Scourge stepped onto the platform next to Fiona and they flew off.