Part 57

Shadow was lost in his thoughts. When he and Tabby reached the house Shadow collapsed onto the couch. Tabby sat next to him.
“Sh- Shadow…”
“Well… if we do release Blaze… and I am taken…”
“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her. I promise.” Shadow meant it. He knew how Tabby and the others would feel if they were taken. He knew the pain they would go through all to well. He couldn’t protect Maria. He can protect the other girls and he will. He had to keep his promise to Maria. He also did mean to save the boys if this plan worked.
“You promise? You won’t let her commit suicide?”
“She will still be alive and well when you return.”
“When. You will be back. I’ll make sure of that.” Shadow said firmly, “You won’t leave Blaze the way I left Maria.”
“You didn’t leave Maria.”
“I lost her. The point is, you will all stay together. You guys won’t lose each other.”
“Thanks, Shadow.”
“No problem. I know what you’re going through.”
“You know it better than anyone ever should.” Both were quiet. Soon they went to bed. It had gotten late and they would need rest.