Part 56

The others were reluctant at first, but then agreed.
“It does seem to be the only choice…” Tails got an idea, “unless you go super!”
“Go Super Sonic?”
“Yeah!” Sonic thought a moment.
“Won’t work.”
“What?! Why?!”
“Scourge would see the gold light and bolt. If he leaves we might not get the girls. You need to remember that he may only give us their locations.” Tails nodded.
“Then we really are going to give him the chaos emeralds?” Sonic nodded sadly.
“This may do more damage than good.” Espio said.
“I know… but not much else to do.” Shadow decided that he should say his idea.
“There is one other thing we might try.”
“What’s that?”
“Take their places.”
“Here me out. The ones Scourge hates and wants to get back at are me and you, Sonic. Not the girls. You and I and maybe some others could take the places of the girls.” Sonic debated this.
“I like part of that plan… tomorrow I’ll offer myself. I’m the one he really wants. If he doesn’t let them go, and if some of you are willing, others could offer themselves. If that doesn’t work… we give him the Emeralds. And you guys only offer yourselves AFTER I do. If we can avoid more people being taken we should. Oh, and I want you to be one of the very last people to volunteer!”
“What?!” Shadow cried, “But this was my idea!”
“I know, but you’re leg is still in a cast. If Scourge gets you he could hurt you so you never walk again!”
“He could do the same to you!”
“Yeah, but he’s more likely to do it to you since you’re already hurt.”
“You can’t tell-”
“Shadow! No! Right now you are injured, but you will heal. When you do you will need to help take care of the girls. If I’m gone, if Manic’s gone, if Silver’s gone, and even Tabby, Espio, and Knux. You will be the last man who can take care of the girls. Plus, you will need to watch the Emeralds and help Knothole! If we are taken you will be the last one!” Shadow was silent. His promise had come to mind again. He nodded.
“Fine. But, I can’t promise that I’ll hang in Knothole. I will take care of the girls and,” he looked at the fox, “Tails.”
“Also, if we get the chance, we’ll try to set you and the others free.” Sonic smiled.
“Tomorrow we’ll see what will become of us.” Everyone departed to their homes.